The mom behind Mami in Miami

A graduate in journalism from Brazil, Camila Barsotti focused her professional experience in the area of Marketing. In 2001, she worked for Givenchy lunnettes in Brazil and was transferred to the company Brazilian distributor in Miami for a trial period. Camila was charmed by the city, fell in love with her boyfriend (husband today) and is living in Miami ever since. In 2009, after working for Coldwell Banker, Camila decided to start a business venture with a friend and she opened her first business: Fleur Details, a flower boutique and event design firm. In 2013, despite the great success, the partners, after both becoming pregnant, decided to sell the company.

And that’s how Camila became a stay at home mom. There were years of dedication to her children. During this period, Camila became involved and learned a lot about the children’s world.

In 2016, to help to overcome a depression, she opened the “Mami in Miami” account on Instagram to give tips and talk about places to go with children. In a short time, the account became a success and grew many followers. This is when Camila realized there were many moms in the region needing access to more information and that kept her going and she now dedicates herself fully to her Kids and Mami in Miami.


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